Bungie Changes Most Everything about Destiny

Hello everyone, sorry this is a short entry today but that’s because I would like you to head on over to this reddit megathread and check out all the changes coming to Destiny in about 1 month. Bungie has basically completely remade the game.  There should be some video and Game Informer links in there well worth a read but in a nutshell:

  • Light levels are gone, it’s just exp to level 40 now.
  • Brand new “planet” in the form on a huge Hive Spaceship.
  • Int. Dsp. Str. now have a tier’d approach.  I saw armor in multiplayer that had stats: Int 9 Str 9
  • Some (all?) armor can flip Str and Dsp
  • New armor perks like “3x Arc”  for triple arc burn damage when activated.
  • Lots of quest lines.  Included are subjobs.
  • Marks as we know change.
  • Class items for rep gone.
  • Nolan North completely replaces Peter Dinklage as Ghost.

Go check it out, I still am!


My Style For Destiny Videos

So I am kind of hung up on this at the moment and I feel like I’m just spinning wheels in the mud.  I spent the better part of 3 hours looking through 90 or so minutes of Destiny Trials of Osiris footage to break down and put in videos but by the time I was done I have a 100 second video that I’m okish with.

Doesn’t feel like okish is good enough.

Maybe I’m just trying to force something here.  I kept cutting, took away in between games, that makes sense.  I chopped that down to just the interactions between all the players next.  Then I took the audio out.

And that’s my first big problem with it. See I like the conversation, it’s really the point of my videos I believe.  But I went with it anyhow, if you’re going to try something then you have to follow through with it to really know.  So I made it anyhow, but I did it my way.  I’m not gonna listen to a video that blast terrible dubstep so why would I make you all suffer the same?

I wouldn’t even call these clips that are put together, mine are basically abridged edits of the rounds in a single Trials of Osiris game.

Let me know what you think of the video and be honest.  I’m not super happy with it but maybe I’m being too critical of myself?  Or am I spot on thinking it’s just bland.

Let me know please I actually would like to here anyone’s opinion on this.


Bungie Bans Cheaters In Destiny

I meant to write earlier but I got sidetracked recording a bunch of stuff, so just a quick note here that makes me happy.

Bungie finally started banning multiplayer cheaters.  Full article here.

We started with a look at the most notorious cheaters that had been reported by other players. After a cross-reference against our own player-data, we gave the Banhammer a mighty swing. Contained in its blast radius were hundreds of people who have manipulated network traffic. If you don’t know what that means, we love you. Never change.

Thank you Bungie.

Destiny Gameplay: Nightfall 7/28/15 Hunter

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Bungie Must Be Reading My Destiny Blogs And They Have A Sense Of Humor

I get it Bungie.  You probably read my Destiny article yesterday.  It was pro-Bungie but it was also a little anti-Bungie as well.

But you guys have a sense of humor and you love interacting with the fans.  So I’m willing to believe that maybe someone had a hand in my Crota raid yesterday.

Although it’s just as likely RNJesus is the One True Troll of the world.

Some of you might be confused, I wrote this piece a little while ago where I had received my 7th Dragons Breath.  I was chagrined enough to also include it in a video.

I had hoped that by writing about it I had changed my luck on this matter.

Another Dragon Breath - Destiny, Bungie

I was so, so wrong….


I’d like to invite all of you to welcome the 8th Dragon’s Breath into my family!



I sharded it without remorse.

I bet there is a player out there right now who has this problem with Gjallarhorn.  “Man I got my 8th Gjallarhorn, when will I find a Plan C?”

Hopefully never you jerk, Xur sells that Exotic so often he once sold it twice in a row.


The Iron Banner Is Up and I Can’t Wait To Not Play It!

Oh boy the Iron Banner is back and I sure can’t wait to not play it.

I could moan about the things you already know or have seen. So I will, quickly.

  1. The lag issues around Iron Banner are somehow worse than normal multiplayer. That one is more apparent to me though because I normally stick to 3v3 stuff only.
  2. “Why is every teammate an idiot?”  These morons look around, weighing their limited options. Slowly they come to an idea and it’s always the same idea.

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