Destiny Gameplay

Destiny Trials of Osiris Widow’s Court 8/21/15

Multiplayer Montage Mayhem is back this week with Trials of Osiris. Samurai Ralan is joined by AgentOrangearu and KiEmOnE kill as they take on all […]

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More News On Bungie/Marty Fallout, And Activision Is Still A Cesspool

New details come from the Bungie/Marty fallout.

Hello everyone, let me start with saying that I was always on Marty’s side, even when everything was hush-hush. I’m a trust the man, not the corporation type of guy. An article posted lately seems to bring to light some things that were rumors or even denied outright in conjunction with Marty O’Donnell being fired from Bungie. It’s a good read check it out but in a nutshell:

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ChatTime: Punch Along With Me

ChatTime is back after a small Hiatus,  back with a not surprising Nightfall in Destiny!  Samurai Ralan is joined by AgentOrange and a late arriving […]

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The Gentlemen Jockey Club presents: Crota’s End on Hard

The hits just keep coming in. It’s been almost a year since Destiny came out, and special for today The Gentlemen Jockey Club is mostly […]

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Destiny Achievement: Flawless Raider

The Gentlemen Jockey Club is making it’s comeback! Samurai Ralan is joined by the one and only AgentOrangearu as they go for the last achievement […]

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Destiny Trials of Osiris: Flawless No Mercy Used 8/14/15 Abridged Cut

We’re back this time in Trials of Osiris! A special edition cut of the final waves on 8/14/15’s Osiris with Samurai Ralan, AgentOrangearu, and KiEmOnE […]

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A Busy Week In Destiny.

What a week!

Friday to Friday here’s the things that have been accomplished in Destiny.

  • Bought 3 Gjallarhorns.
  • Trials of Osiris Flawless No Mercy used.
  • Flawless Raider Achievement. (link coming Wednesday)
  • Crota’s End Hard Mode complete. (link coming)
  • (For some guys) 35 Prison of Elders. (maybe)
  • (For some guys) Vault of Glass Hard Mode complete. (maybe)

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ChatTime 07: Silly Striker Supers against Solar Snipers

Samurai and Agent are at it again, this time on a Destiny Nightfall! First I get stuck in a time warp, then it confuses me […]

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Why Are Gaming Wiki’s Like Destiny’s So Useless?

This is something that has bothered me for a good while, mostly because of how prevalent the subpar quality is.  I’m talking about the state of useless wiki’s for games.

Why are Gaming Wiki’s so Useless?

I don’t want to narrow it down to one thing, which is why I have to say general uselessness when it comes to information.  This wiki is suppose to be an end all location for any information on a subject, edited and based on many people using it. Duh. We all know that, yet here they are.

Part of it for me is just how general they seem to be.  For example, let’s say I want to look up a specific enemy in a game, I don’t want to just see, “This is the bad guy, you shoot him.”

Oh my God! Thanks for clearing that up I had no idea.  Such wiki much info.  Just for fun, how about:

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Bungie Changes Most Everything about Destiny

Hello everyone, sorry this is a short entry today but that’s because I would like you to head on over to this reddit megathread and check out all the changes coming to Destiny in about 1 month. Bungie has basically completely remade the game.  There should be some video and Game Informer links in there well worth a read but in a nutshell:

  • Light levels are gone, it’s just exp to level 40 now.
  • Brand new “planet” in the form on a huge Hive Spaceship.
  • Int. Dsp. Str. now have a tier’d approach.  I saw armor in multiplayer that had stats: Int 9 Str 9
  • Some (all?) armor can flip Str and Dsp
  • New armor perks like “3x Arc”  for triple arc burn damage when activated.
  • Lots of quest lines.  Included are subjobs.
  • Marks as we know change.
  • Class items for rep gone.
  • Nolan North completely replaces Peter Dinklage as Ghost.

Go check it out, I still am!