ChatTime! Left 4 Dead 2: The Crew goes to the Carnival! Part 1

ChatTime! That being said this is a 3v3 friends game. There’s drunk people, there’s nonsense, nobody is keeping score and it’s all Talk and Shoot […]

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Destiny Trials of Osiris Widow’s Court 8/21/15

Multiplayer Montage Mayhem is back this week with Trials of Osiris. Samurai Ralan is joined by AgentOrangearu and KiEmOnE kill as they take on all […]

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ChatTime: Punch Along With Me

ChatTime is back after a small Hiatus,  back with a not surprising Nightfall in Destiny!  Samurai Ralan is joined by AgentOrange and a late arriving […]

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The Gentlemen Jockey Club presents: Crota’s End on Hard

The hits just keep coming in. It’s been almost a year since Destiny came out, and special for today The Gentlemen Jockey Club is mostly […]

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Left 4 Dead 2 Chapter 5: Spitter Launching Shenanigans

Hello everyone we’re back! After the last video I bring you something a little bit lighter. Can you grenade launch people using a spitter instead? […]

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Destiny Achievement: Flawless Raider

The Gentlemen Jockey Club is making it’s comeback! Samurai Ralan is joined by the one and only AgentOrangearu as they go for the last achievement […]

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L4D2 Chapter 4: Tanks and Troublemakers

Hey Guys we’re back for another Left 4 Dead installment! Right off the bat it’s Tanks, can’t even leave the safe room, then it waits […]

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Destiny Trials of Osiris: Flawless No Mercy Used 8/14/15 Abridged Cut

We’re back this time in Trials of Osiris! A special edition cut of the final waves on 8/14/15’s Osiris with Samurai Ralan, AgentOrangearu, and KiEmOnE […]

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A Busy Week In Destiny.

What a week!

Friday to Friday here’s the things that have been accomplished in Destiny.

  • Bought 3 Gjallarhorns.
  • Trials of Osiris Flawless No Mercy used.
  • Flawless Raider Achievement. (link coming Wednesday)
  • Crota’s End Hard Mode complete. (link coming)
  • (For some guys) 35 Prison of Elders. (maybe)
  • (For some guys) Vault of Glass Hard Mode complete. (maybe)

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ChatTime 07: Silly Striker Supers against Solar Snipers

Samurai and Agent are at it again, this time on a Destiny Nightfall! First I get stuck in a time warp, then it confuses me […]

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