Thoughts on Trials of Osiris Flawless Mercury

Made it to the lighthouse again on Destiny.

The hardest part was actually having a third person playing the game haha.

We went to the Lighthouse the very first weekend with our group but then obligations have kept some offline, so we haven’t even had a chance to play Trials of Osiris until recently. That first time was long enough ago that I wasn’t even recording back then.

When the game isn’t very laggy, or people are getting kicked out with error codes (intentional or otherwise), it’s actually a rather enjoyable experience with great rewards. That Friday was also Xur’s Gjallarevolution.

“Today was a good day.” -Ice Cube

I made an abridged video of getting to the lighthouse, I might plan on releasing the whole thing but its about 75 minutes of Trials, and another 20 or so in the Lighthouse itself. So only people crazy like me would watch the long version.

Thanks, and let me know what you guys think of the ToO video!


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