It’s been so long. Happy Halloween Everyone.

So it’s been a while huh.

I’ve been very busy. Between:

  • editing
  • cleaning up the house to try and sell it
  • playing games to not have to clean up

I’ve been keeping myself too busy and away from my own website.

Not anymore!

I know, you’ve heard these promises before.

The Live Streaming

It’s a thing now, yay. Every once in a while I’ll just start live broadcasting using youtube. So far it seems to be a positive thing so look forward to more of that in the future!

Video Ideas I Have

Let’s see, the first thing I thought of for a gaming video thing would have been playing a game while running on a treadmill. I wanted to see how much of a hinderance it could be. Only to find out really fast how dangerous that is, holy crap do not try it. DO NOT TRY. Amazing how your feet want to follow when your up and already mobile. Move character left? Walk left off treadmill.

I will probably start my Tenchu Z playthru here soon, I wanted to duo the campaign (it has that, I know right?) but a certain somebody is too busy not playing it to play it with me. So it’ll be a solo campaign.

And I also think that I’ll start a little playlist of just snippets of random things that don’t fit elsewhere, these will probably be videos lasting up to a minute maybe.

It doesn’t sound like a lot right now.

I would like to thank everyone who’s subscribed lately, there’s been a small surge of those and I’d like you guys to know I appreciate all of those, leave a message on videos let me know what you think, I READ ALL, you can’t hide.


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