I Have A Website? Destiny TidBits and My Youtube Channel’s First Goal Met.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s been like 10 days.

He’s probably dead.

Well one: I’m not, and Two: Thanks Jerk.

What I have been doing is being busy. Busy being an adult. Who forgets his responsibilities to play entirely too much Destiny.

I think they’ve done a pretty good job with their latest expansion. Even with all that playtime recently I still got a lot of quests open and I haven’t touched the other two character yet. #TitanMasterRace

So I’ve made some videos.

In other news I’ve reached over 100 youtube subscribers! Hurray! Thank you everyone who came to watch my videos and stayed for some reason. Check it out if you haven’t! I never thought I’d get more than 10. But it’s not about how many people I retain or whatever meta-analytics go on in the background. I went in with only one goal in mind: I just wanted to make the videos that I would like to watch. I’m my own biggest fan, I watched this one alone probably a dozen times. Thirteen now.

But I am glad that their are others out there enjoying this stuff too, so thank you all very much!

In the Future here.

I might expand some topics that I can talk about here, so I’ll try a bit of this and that here in the coming weeks. Let me know what you guys think of them when they arrive I’d love to know, thanks.

Shout Out to a Budding Artist

Special mentioning of Peaking Wolf on twitter. Who has made a few pieces of art that really capture the moments from the videos both PeakTemper and I make. I just wanted to say to keep it up, they look awesome. When it comes to Art, never stop creating.


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