Dungeon Defenders Round 2, And Why I’ve Missed A Week.

About Two Years ago I got robbed ON a game, Dungeon Defenders.

As I was finishing it up on a Saturday morning I had the worst possible combination of thing occur. I completed the last requirement in the game for an achievement (it’s one of those do everything else and it pops style.)  Completed it, the Challenge popped up in game as completed, the big trophy spawned in the tavern showing I did everything, the game autosaved, and then… nothing. The achievement didn’t pop up. And it never did.

The official word from the developer in a nutshell was, “Sorry it happened. We are small and too busy making the next game on pc’s, get fucked console user.”

I get it. They didn’t even fix their way over the top DLC that, seriously did it get play tested with 4 players before being shipped? So they just stopped putting things on xbox.

But after my recent victories I decided this will no longer do. This damn (albeit fun) game was not going to get the last word. So that’s where I’ve been for the last week.  I dedicated a lot of extra time to it just to get back to where I was before that glaring bad programming occured, and got some help from my friends who wanted to play it again.  And this time you better believe that bleep-bloop was a huge relief to hear.

And I promptly dashboarded out of the game.

I am all Dungeon Defender-ed out.


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