The Iron Banner Is Up and I Can’t Wait To Not Play It!

Oh boy the Iron Banner is back and I sure can’t wait to not play it.

I could moan about the things you already know or have seen. So I will, quickly.

  1. The lag issues around Iron Banner are somehow worse than normal multiplayer. That one is more apparent to me though because I normally stick to 3v3 stuff only.
  2. “Why is every teammate an idiot?”  These morons look around, weighing their limited options. Slowly they come to an idea and it’s always the same idea.

“Oh we have two capture points, here let me assist the team by |stupidly flipping the spawns around while I am| attempting to grab that third point.”

How many Iron Banner’s do they have to play before that’s common knowledge?  It’s been over half a year already, get a clue please for the sake of your team, for the sake of human evolution even!  I don’t know how some of these people function in their daily life, I assume the word “barely” is used to describe how.

The Iron banner is based on the CONTROL game type.

It’s asking you. by it’s very definition, to CONTROL the map, it’s why they used that one word, out of the thousands of other words in the English language.

Halo multiplayer games were all about controlling the map as well.  In Halo 1, 2 ,3, ODST, Reach, (and they didn’t make it but technically Halo Wars as well) were all about controlling the map.  Power weapons like Rocket Launchers were on a 3 minute spawn timer based on when last picked up and always at a specific location.  It’s why they give you an in-match timer.  It’s as if this is Bungie’s thing or something.

How many Iron Banners I have played, where I have to stay quite literally on the edge of the map in the back area just to counter spawn flips?  You can’t fix stupid players and you apparently can’t keep them off your team.  You just hope the other team has more of them.

Anyways, where was I?  Oh yeah.

But we’ve all heard that before. My reason for saying “whatever” to Iron Banner is that there’s no reward for putting up with all of that.  Oh, Lord Salad has helmets and bodies again? I bet the LIS body is I +82, S +81 and the LID body is I +75, D +81.  You have my word I didn’t look that up, I know that is right because the stats never change. What is the point of buying the same piece over and over?  Asking that makes me think of the definition of insanity.  I mean, randomize the stats so that people can use these pieces to get 2 100% attributes.  Otherwise you’re just asking people to spend glimmer cause you keep redrawing the same picture again and again.  Maybe that’s just my view because I’m a much more pragmatic gamer than most, I have no need to collect an armor set or weapon just to have it in an already limited storage system.

And etheric light doesn’t really cut it because if you got 3 characters then you already have 12 chances at etheric light per week.  And those dozen don’t cost 5k a pop, not that anyone should be having money issues in this game.


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