More News On Bungie/Marty Fallout, And Activision Is Still A Cesspool

New details come from the Bungie/Marty fallout.

Hello everyone, let me start with saying that I was always on Marty’s side, even when everything was hush-hush. I’m a trust the man, not the corporation type of guy. An article posted lately seems to bring to light some things that were rumors or even denied outright in conjunction with Marty O’Donnell being fired from Bungie. It’s a good read check it out but in a nutshell:

  • Bungie and Activison agree to make 5 part game franchise called Destiny.
  • Marty tasked with music obviously. Makes all music for the franchise right then.
  • Activision is retarded, doesn’t understand his “moosak.” Won’t release it as CD.
  • Later and more terrible, Activision takes over E3 reveal trailer, changing all the music.
  • Marty gets mad, he’s the one in charge of Marketing Music.
  • Bungie has no spine, kowtow to Activision’s demands to remove him.
  • Marty lawyers up, hits the gym, and deletes facebook. And oh yeah wins court case.
  • Bungie will now be known as Bungle for the rest of this post.

You know after reading that article so much makes sense.

And so much was in front of me at the time that I’m actually mad at myself for not seeing it.  Those live action commercials they had? Or here, check this one out it’s for the Taken King coming out. It’s doing it’s thing then bam Led Zeppelin. And it just doesn’t go with what you see on screen. At all. Seriously it is so out of place that it’s actually a distraction for me. There’s a time and place for Led Zeppelin, believe me, just not here. Especially if you know what Bungle can normally do, a la older Halo games.

Instead this is a call of duty trailer.

Don’t believe me? Here you go. There’s Activision’s fingerprints all over it. And I honestly don’t understand what they are trying to sell me. Is it suppose to just be noise to get my attention? Is it a song that’s familiar to people who make money (so that when their kid asks for it) they have something to recognize in it? Is it selling how casual the game is? I mean what exactly. It looks like, “Hey this game coming out here? It’s coming out. Hey dude, bro, sweet.”

I honestly feel like I’m being treated as an idiot when I watch something like this. It’s the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” of commercials. How about instead:

“Oh yeah, they’re all of the same caliber,” said no one.

I know that Destiny isn’t Halo, so don’t even bother saying that I’m comparing an all new IP to and old one going “huh it’s not the same game?” Here is what I am telling you though.

The xbox wouldn’t even exist without bungle, without halo

It’s their Mario. Microsoft, for all the companies that they’ve Activision’d (Ensemble Studios, Rare, FASA interactive, et all) knew that they needed this game. So what did they do? They threw money at it and got the fuck out of the way. And by doing that, they made one of the best pioneering console-FPS’s ever made.

They let the game designers have creative control, and they made a game that is still remembered fondly today. I gladly bought the Anniversary Edition just to live those experiences with new friends, again.

I didn’t know a damn thing about Bungie before I read Electronic Gaming Monthly’s review of the game. It was the first 10 10 10 game review, that I ever saw, from them. I said what? I went out that very day and got an xbox one original xbox and a copy of Halo and I’ve been a Bungie fan since. I am so serious about this right now that I forgot to write their name as Bungle while reliving the nostalgia.  (Side note Microsoft, this is why you don’t name your third generation console xbox ONE.)

Bungie knows how to make a really good game.

They are like Valve in that way, plus they actually care about their customers. “What’s an east coast server?” (Don’t like that Valve? Prove me wrong #L4D3)

Bungie knows what they are doing. Believable guns even when they are alien weapons, campaign maps that I wish I could just run off into the distance to explore, personal heat maps for pvp, game history and stats, the actual gunplay itself, hold and flank points, music, atmosphere, fun, memories. They can create all of this.

And all of that is exactly the type of thing I want to spend my money on. So Activision, if you could just back off please. They know how to get the job done. Because you all at Activision only know one thing.

But I’m sure Bungie will be fine, I mean let’s just ask:

Blast Furnace, Gray Matter Interactive, Infocom, Luxoflux, Shaba Games, RedOctane, Underground Development, Budcat Creations, 7 Studios, Bizarre Creations, Neversoft, or Infinity Ward pre-lawsuit

on how things turned out for them.



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