Bungie Must Be Reading My Destiny Blogs And They Have A Sense Of Humor

I get it Bungie.  You probably read my Destiny article yesterday.  It was pro-Bungie but it was also a little anti-Bungie as well.

But you guys have a sense of humor and you love interacting with the fans.  So I’m willing to believe that maybe someone had a hand in my Crota raid yesterday.

Although it’s just as likely RNJesus is the One True Troll of the world.

Some of you might be confused, I wrote this piece a little while ago where I had received my 7th Dragons Breath.  I was chagrined enough to also include it in a video.

I had hoped that by writing about it I had changed my luck on this matter.

Another Dragon Breath - Destiny, Bungie

I was so, so wrong….


I’d like to invite all of you to welcome the 8th Dragon’s Breath into my family!



I sharded it without remorse.

I bet there is a player out there right now who has this problem with Gjallarhorn.  “Man I got my 8th Gjallarhorn, when will I find a Plan C?”

Hopefully never you jerk, Xur sells that Exotic so often he once sold it twice in a row.


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