Bungie Changes Most Everything about Destiny

Hello everyone, sorry this is a short entry today but that’s because I would like you to head on over to this reddit megathread and check out all the changes coming to Destiny in about 1 month. Bungie has basically completely remade the game.  There should be some video and Game Informer links in there well worth a read but in a nutshell:

  • Light levels are gone, it’s just exp to level 40 now.
  • Brand new “planet” in the form on a huge Hive Spaceship.
  • Int. Dsp. Str. now have a tier’d approach.  I saw armor in multiplayer that had stats: Int 9 Str 9
  • Some (all?) armor can flip Str and Dsp
  • New armor perks like “3x Arc”  for triple arc burn damage when activated.
  • Lots of quest lines.  Included are subjobs.
  • Marks as we know change.
  • Class items for rep gone.
  • Nolan North completely replaces Peter Dinklage as Ghost.

Go check it out, I still am!


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