A Busy Week In Destiny.

What a week!

Friday to Friday here’s the things that have been accomplished in Destiny.

  • Bought 3 Gjallarhorns.
  • Trials of Osiris Flawless No Mercy used.
  • Flawless Raider Achievement. (link coming Wednesday)
  • Crota’s End Hard Mode complete. (link coming)
  • (For some guys) 35 Prison of Elders. (maybe)
  • (For some guys) Vault of Glass Hard Mode complete. (maybe)

Videos are pending for some of this stuff in the near future. Some are out right now. I’ve just been so busy enjoying the game again. And it’s not because of gjallays, its because we actually had 5 members of The Gentlemen Jockey Club signed in and online playing together. Haven’t had that since the first month of the game.

So I just want to say to the guys, thanks for that.


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