Anything for that Bleep-Bloop…

Hey all.

Ugh what a night I had @.@ I might have killed a friend of mine last night, DyMyKyMy. And it was for an achievement no less. Then I woke up.

One of the things I do with games is I try my absolute hardest to complete every xbox game I play. By complete I usually mean getting 1000 Gamerscore in it. I had just finally 1k’d the latest Borderlands game with PeakTemper and DyMyKyMy so I had achievements on the brain.  Sometimes I dream about getting achievements for completing tasks in my dreams.

Why murder you ask?  I don’t know!  What your brain will do to you in your sleep is insane.

How DyMyKyMy died is on him though! He was asking me earlier that day how to cook some fish he had bought, skin off or on, etc. When the time came to off him in my dream, I put a very cooperative DyMyKyMy in a plastic bag and added a trout in that bag as well. Then it was a matter of holding that bag under water in a river until I drowned them both. I know that drowning one of my friends is awful but don’t forget:

I somehow drowned a fish.

Crazy what you can believe to be real and possible in a dream. Totally earned that bleep-bloop at least. Sorry man!

RIP DyMyKyMy and his Faithful Fish Friend.


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