Battle Royale Console Controls and UI Changes That Would Streamline the Gameplay, Also 3 other Things I’ve Noticed.


First things first, five things all tied to Y (six if you count the axe) is a bit of a juggle, and if laggy, game changing. I’d like to see the interface changed a bit.

Before that I have three things to say:

  1. Bring back the 20 medium ammo pickup, but you should impose a limit capacity to all ammo types. (Just examples, I’m still not sure would be too little, too much) I.E. 200 medium rounds on a person, 10 rockets on a person et all. There is no weight penalty nor inventory penalty to carrying a platoon’s worth of ammo. If the problem for the hotfix was solo players amassing 800 rounds of medium and murdifying every structure on the map, just impose limits. I know it’s a game but IRL ammo gets heavy.
  2. Remove the aim assist on downed players. the sticky aim assist on a down player is so strong that it prevents you from targeting his friend still firing his gun. It could be mistaken for gravitational pull, I’ve definitely lost games attributed to this. I’m sure that no one needs helps shooting a dude crawling 1 mile per hour on the ground. Please remove sticky aim assist on down players.
  3. Let’s say I have 10 bandages and an enemy drops 6 bandages. What happens now in game when you pick them up: Your 10 stack becomes 15, and you drop your current Y (probably your favorite gun) for that last bandage. This to me is a design no no, and I’m pretty sure could be considered an actual bug. Personally I think there should be a change to heals and grenades that stack that I explain below which would also just fix this naturally.

Actual Changes as mentioned in the Title:

First: Grenades, Bandages, Medkits would each have their own unique box in the back menu (the screen where you can normally drop things to share) and are no longer tied to the Y button. So you are limited to 1 stack of each which honestly I’ve never had to use more of personally. (Which is 3 medkits, 15 bandages, 10 grenades) They would still be shareable from the back menu.

Y is now just 2-3 spaces for weapons only, and hold Y is still axe. I guess shields would still have to survive in the weapon slots per usual, having to give up 1 of 3 weapons for extra shield carry I can see as a good trade off still. Which should I bring? kind of situation. I should also note your brain will appreciate this as well. Your brain can count to 4 without having to actually count. If you are given 4 objects, you will know them automatically try it yourself. Once you get to five things, your brain has to actively stop and count it. Which means you are always double checking what Y square you are on instead of looking at the screen. This is especially true with none of the 5 squares being pre assigned automatically (and this is despite being able to re organize you Y slots.) If it is 4 or less you will be able to keep focused on the action.

Button changes: Y is still Y, Dpad up is still map.

Dpad left and Dpad right are Medkits and bandages respectively. Pressing one or the other starts a heal of that type immediately.

Dpad down is now the build button (moved from B). B instead, is now to toggle a “stance” to prime grenade (if you have any) while RT throws grenade while in that stance. It’s a toggle so B again will go back to shooting mode. Or the easier version, press b to just throw a grenade real quick, I added both because I’m curious on peoples opinions on toggle grenades versus instant throw grenades.

Dance is removed because, cmon (personal opinion, I can’t tell you how annoying it is that there are 6 things tied to the y button, yet we have space for a dance emote? Maybe have dance be like hit the back menu, then dpad down. If you have time to dance, you have time to push 2 buttons to make it happen. Reserve the functionality of one button push for combat only.)

I believe that this would help in a few areas.

One, it would speed up healing while keeping your gun out, moving stops healing still obviously so you can fire. If there’s the smallest amount of lag, its far too easy to overshoot the y box with bandages, wasting time to cycle through everything to them again. Or switching too quickly back to a gun and it cancels the heal.

Two, grenades would be more utility and quick to use, therefore used more. Treating grenades like a weapon slot is gaming circa pre-2000. Grenades have had their own unique slot for the last 17 years for a very good reason, ease of use. I feel no one has time for a grenade right now, and honestly if people try to use them right now it gets them killed most of the time. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve killed just by rushing them when they try to grenade, and how trying to use grenades has gotten me killed instead. The point being that grenades need to be more fluid to use otherwise what’s the point, just shoot the person instead.

If you have read this far down I thank you for taking your time in reading it. I would love to hear what others ideas are or if they think they can improve what I’ve written here, please do so. I’m only one person so I may have overlooked something obvious and I’d love to know what the community thinks about the game and its interface and utility as well.